Marco Pignataro

Maestro Luca Cardinali outshined himself again with the creation of his new reeds “Cardinali", which immediately place itself among the top brands of reeds worldwide. Not only Luca has a true knowledge of the cane production from start to finish, but he also deeply understand what saxophonists look after, being himself quite a consummate player. This combination is quite unique and explains why anything Luca produces in this field is always outstanding. Thank you Luca for asking me to sample your new product and for creating such a responsive and fully resonant reed with beautiful dark undertones and vibrant overtones. Outstanding!

Massimo Ferraris

I have been using the reeds designed by Maestro Luca Cardinali since their creation, a patent that came out of his shop-laboratory based in Livorno Ferraris in the province of Vercelli, where I have been a customer in every respect for about 15 years. I had the honor of being the first Italian clarinetist to test this new product and the impression was excellent from the first moment. The barrel is of excellent quality and the rejection of the reed, the result of careful study by Luca, produces a very powerful sound, rich in harmonics that runs a lot both indoors and outdoors. Other great qualities of these reeds are durability, versatility in the performance of any musical genre, from lyric-symphonic music to jazz and very importantly, they are very little affected by climate change and change of environment; where previously with products of other brands I used separate reeds for places on the sea, plains or mountains. With the Cardinali reeds I use most of the time the same reed without problems. I highly recommend them both professionally and as an amateur.

Mario Marzi

I have always sought in the instrument fullness of tone and flexibility... The ease of emission combined with a seductive tone and a surprising interaction make Sax Cardinali a perfect means of being able to express myself..a "human" instrument that can become our voice, our history.

Antonio Pelizza

I have been visiting the laboratory of my friend Luca Cardinali for more than a quarter of a century, finding high professionalism and passion on every occasion. I always remember with pleasure the precise interventions made by Maestro Cardinali on my instruments and in particular the almost miraculous resurrection of an old alto clarinet, which with I won the competition at the Musical Band of the Navy in Rome. Another piece that joins the professional mosaic of the skilled artist was the creation of a line of reeds that I had the pleasure of trying. The excellent quality of the material used and the workmanship give them a full and harmonious sound accompanied by a long duration of use, qualities that make the product unique in today's market.

Fiorenzo Tassinari

I've frequented Luca Cardinali's laboratory for years and the motivation for such trust in his abilities is supported by noble values ??that distinguish him as a man. Love for craftsmanship, instrumental competence as a musician, is therefore capable of identifying the peculiarity in the search for the material, the wearability of the instrument, the color of the sound, the elegance and the easy control of the intonation. Now after years of research he has reached levels that make its saxophones real jewels for great connoisseurs and famous professionals. Always stimulated by new pursuits and knowledge, today he makes reeds that will soon catch the attention of the saxophone market. An Italian pride esteemed in the world.

Diego Borotti

Cardinali saxophones are a compendium between the sounds of the great vintage saxophones and the current mechanical precision. My feeling, about Cardinali saxophone’s sound, is that reaches the bottom of a concert hall without having to "push", combined with an extraordinary homogeneity that transfers the wealth of harmonics from the low register to the medium and high to the altissimo, in which I experienced an extraordinary agility. Cardinali reeds possess the two qualities, often antithetical, of flexibility and consistency. Ease of emission, durability and "right" resistance are the ideal balance achieved by these reeds for which it is enough to test, once and for all, what is the number and type that is best suited to itself.

Luca Cardinali

I've been playing since I remember it. It was the experience gained as a musician and as a craftsman that led me to develop the need for a distinct, unique but at the same time flexible sound. The only way to satisfy this need was to design my own line of reeds and saxophones.

Andrea Ferrario

When, years ago, I started using the reeds produced by Luca Cardinali years ago, I was speechless. Finally, after countless attempts and experiments, I had found the reed that helped me fully realize my idea of ??sound on the tenor sax. In addition to finding a very high average of really usable reeds compared to other brands, what impressed me is the timbre that I was able to get from the instrument. I still use the Cardinals Unfiled n. 3, which allow me to develop a warm and full sound but also bright and full of harmonics over the whole extension of the instrument. Malleable and versatile, they allow me to face very different musical contexts, from jazz to pop.

Paolo Celoria

I have been working with Luca Cardinali's saxophones for about 5 years, great sound projection and excellent workmanship as well as very solid structurally. My Cardinali saxophone, on tour, has always resisted very well to changes in temperature, pressure, humidity; traveling by plane, van and boat without ever compromising my performance even after long troubled journeys, often not so suitable for an instrument like the Sax. Luca and his collaborators have always been very helpful and humanly fantastic. It is useless to make comparisons with other brands because, in my opinion, there are none; I consider the Sax Cardinali, to date, the best choice for a purchase of a professional instrument. I would recommend Saxophones, and without a doubt the Cardinal Reeds, to anyone, sure to receive positive feedback in the immediate future. Abroad I have often received compliments and interest in my saxophone from colleagues from all over the world and my answer has always been the same: "Italians do it better".