Cardinali Saxophones By Cardinali Luca


Dear customer, Thank you for choosing a Cardinali product.

In the event that your Cardinali product requires warranty service, please contact (or bring the product to) the retailer from which it was purchased or directly to our main Service Center:

Cardinali Atelier // Via Cavour, 67, 13046 Livorno Ferraris VC

You can find all the information on our website:


Cardinali Saxophones guarantees that Cardinali brand products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser or when this instrument is purchased from an authorized reseller and is subject to the limitations set forth herein.

Cardinali Saxophones undertakes, under the conditions listed below, to handle the defective product - or a part thereof - repaired or replaced (at the sole discretion of Cardinali Saxophones) without any charge for parts or labor - please note that all transport, Insurance and transport costs associated with the warranty service and repairs on Cardinali instruments / products are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

In the event that a model is out of production or it is considered uneconomical to intervene in the repair, Cardinali Saxophones reserves the right to replace this product with a similar one in type and / or value and condition.


1. The original invoice or sales receipt (showing the date of purchase, product code and reseller name) must accompany the defective product, along with a declaration

where the defect is detailed. In the absence of such proof of purchase, Cardinali Saxophones reserves the right to refuse to provide a free service and the product may be returned at the customer's expense.

2. The product must have been purchased from an Authorized Reseller or directly from Cardinali

3. The product must not have been subject to any modification or alteration, except with the written authorization of Cardinali Saxophones.

4. The following are excluded from this guarantee:

A. Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear.

B. Any instrument whose serial number is missing, altered or tampered with.

C. Any purchase of the instrument from anyone other than an authorized reseller.

D. Damages resulting from:

1. Repairs carried out by the customer himself or by unauthorized third parties.

2. Inadequate packaging or incorrect handling, when the product is in transit by the customer.

Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to make sure

the product is properly packaged when the product is returned for repair.

3. Changes in temperature or humidity, exposure or contact with sunlight, fire, humidity, body salts and acids from sweat, any other chemicals or polishes not approved by Cardinal Saxophones.

4. Misuse, including but not limited to (a) failure to use the product for its normal purpose, adequate maintenance and storage and (b) installation or use of the product inconsistent with the technical or safety standards in force in the country where it is used.

5. Accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation, or any cause beyond the control of Cardinal Saxophones.

6. Defects of the system in which this product is incorporated and / or

incompatibility with third party products.

7. Use of a product imported into the EEA and / or the United Kingdom, Switzerland or the United States, not by Cardinali Saxophones, where such product does not comply with the technical characteristics or safety standards of the country of use and / or the specifications standard

of a product sold by Cardinals Saxophones

5. Where the warranty differs between the country of purchase and the country of use of the product, the warranty of the country of use applies.

6. Cardinali Saxophones cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct, consequential or otherwise, except for the repair or replacement of the product.

7. This warranty does not affect the consumer's statutory rights pursuant to the application of national laws in force, nor the consumer's rights vis-à-vis the retailer deriving from their sales contract.

This tool / accessory is to be used only for its intended use, as a tool or part of it. This is not a toy and is not suitable for children under the age of 6.

Cardinali Saxophones by Cardinali Luca assumes no responsibility for the loss of the guarantee due to the incorrect execution of the purchase and sale procedures.

The purchaser or buyer of the used Sax is required to request the warranty card and the exchange of email required for the digital and private consultation of the technical and warranty document available for download. The seller or transferor of the sax is required to provide the card and the information mentioned above as the right and property of the buyer and future owner.

Please contact Cardinali Luca at or via the contact form on the site (Contact us page) in order to carry out, by mutual agreement and verify the subjects involved, the change of e-mail necessary for the digital consultation on the guarantee page accessible by owners of an instrument Cardinali Saxophones by Cardinali Luca.

Unique slabs, with secret peculiarities known only by Luca Cardinali

Slabs aged with natural substances

Annealing performed manually

Pisoni pro pads

Non lacquered sax, protected with natural waxes