Sax Cardinali

After many years of experience, in search of excellence in sound, we have started to develop a new series of high quality instruments, designed for the most demanding musicians who demand the best.

dal 2006 al 2011

Cardinali Saxophones

With the meticulousness typical of the tailor, we have created a personalized instrument, which wraps the performance like a tailored suit. The parameters we used are the style of the musician, the type of music, the desired sound. The result of this research is an instrument with a sound that reflects the performer's emotions. The new Sax Cardinali came to light from this ambitious project: the professional tool for those who want to stand out.

Retro style, based on the reconstruction of the mythical instruments of the 1940s and 1950s. It does not have a key of the sharp F sharp, it is loose and has a particular processing of the plate. The goal is to reconstruct a characteristic instrument of one of the most interesting periods that jazz music has known. The instrument enjoys perfect intonation.

More versatile series, designed for eclectic musicians. The instrument is lacquered and is equipped with an acute F key. These instruments are built with the intention of satisfying musicians engaged in different musical styles.

from 2011 to 2019

Luca Cardinali starts a marketing collaboration with Phaselus SA creating the "LUPIFARO project".

Luca Cardinali after working for various manufacturers as a technician and as a consultant, and having embarked on a small artisan production in his own name, meets Phaselus SA, and together they decide to create a new reality. From this union begins an important production made yes, of larger numbers, but always linked to the craftsmanship of the work, where the beating of the slab and the annealing remain the phases in which the instrument is given life and sound soul.

Processes treated with painstaking attention and performed strictly by hand, one sax after the other. The new Lupifaro saxes are therefore the result of years of research and study combined with craftsmanship. They are divided into three series: Silver, Gold and the top of the range, Platinum by Cardinali, where the combination of sound and vintage "image" is combined with precise and solid intonation and mechanics.

From June 2019

Luca Cardinali creates his own "Cardinali" brand, ending the production of Lupifaro brand saxophones.

Luca Cardinali's experience in years of research and comparison with top-level musicians all over the world gives way to the creation of the Sax Cardinali and Ance Cardinali brands.

Always with attention guided by 35 years of Luca Cardinali's experience, the new Cardinali brand was born for the production of Sax and Reeds.