Sax Lupifaro

After many years of experience and a constant quest for excellence in sound, Cardinali and his team started to develop a new series of high quality instruments, designed for the most demanding musicians

from 2006 to 2011

Cardinali Saxophones

The workshop gave life to custom made instruments that suit the performance as a made-to-measure garment, cut and sewn by the most precise and meticulous tailor. All parameters were set according to the musician’s style, the music genre, and the requested output sound. The result is in an instrument characterized by a tone that mirrors the performer’s emotions, an extremely professional tool for those who want to stand out.


Retro style inspired, based on the reconstruction of the glorious instruments form the 40s and 50s. Jessato is unlacquered, does not carry a High F sharp, and features a special plate processing. This perfectly tuned instrument was created to bring back to life an iconic design from one of the most interesting periods in jazz history.


Doppiopetto is a more versatile series, designed for eclectic musicians who like to play different styles. The instrument is lacquered and carries a High F sharp key.

since 2011

The “LUPIFARO project”, Cardinali’s know-how and experience were passed to Lupifaro to develop even further, offering a handmade top-quality product to larger public.

The Lupifaro (Luphifer) is a mythological figure linked to strength and movement, like Luca Cardinali, who started working in the saxophone industry more than three decades ago. After years spent as a technician and consultant for various manufacturers, and after bringing to life a small craft production, Luca starts a partnership with Phaselus SA, a visionary firm who believes in him, and together they decide to create a new reality. This union allowed a larger scale production, without compromising the craftsmanship that always characterized Luca’s works, so that the manual beating of the slab and the annealing could keep being the phases crucial to the instrument’s life and soul.

Years of research and study, combined with accurate craftsmanship, attention to detail and rigorous handmade only policies, resulted into the new Lupifaro saxophone production. This new line is divided into three series: Silver, Gold and the top-of-the-range Platinum by Cardinali, that combines a vintage sound and image with precise and solid intonation and mechanics.

Platinum line

These saxophones are the fruit of years of experience and passion, and feature technical specifications and customization options that make them truly unique pieces. The Platinum series is customizable on request in every aspect and the set-up is always carefully tailored to the specific preferences of each musician. Even if the output sound has a marked vintage tone, these instruments are tuned to perfection.