Luca Cardinali’s artisan workshop is entirely dedicated to wind instruments and is located in Livorno Ferraris, a small yet historically relevant town in North-Eastern Italy. With courtesy and professionalism, Cardinali’s workshop has evolved through the years into a reference point in constant grow, a place of encounter, exchange and interaction.

The atelier has focused since the very beginning on service, personalization and quality of consultancy, always granting its customers the best technical solutions and customized instrument recommendations.

The workshop’s growth has been constant through the years, reaching in 2007 the production of a sax line designed and built by Luca Cardinali. Highly professional instruments, designed for the most demanding and refined musicians. Skillfully tweaked saxophones, customized to immediately enter into empathy with the musician and give life to new emotions.

Via Cavour, 67
13046 Livorno Ferraris (VC)

Opening hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 14,30 – 19,00
Wednesday: 14,30 – 19,00
Thursday: 14,30 – 19,00
Friday: 14,30 – 19,00
Saturday: 09,00 – 12,30  / 14,30 – 19,00
Sunday: Closed